Aim: To produce home-grown professional footballers capable of competing with Europe's elite players

A talented young footballer wanting to play for Chelsea needs to strive to be among the best in the world.

 Producing a core of our own young talent has never been more challenging; nor has it ever been more worthwhile.

The development of young players is vital to the long-term success of any football club.

Therefore the production of home grown players through the Academy system, who can progress to first team level is a key area of Chelsea Football Club.

The financial gains are undisputed; a successful Academy has the potential to save the club millions of pounds in the transfer market. The benefits however, go deeper still.

A world class youth development programme can also promote long-term loyalty and commitment to the club among those players who eventually make it into the 'big time'.

Whether these boys are plucked from the local talent pool or brought in from abroad, Chelsea's drive towards self-sufficiency is crucially dependant on the creation of a successful Academy structure, capable of nurturing players of the highest quality.