Chelsea Football Club Academy does not hold open trial dates. We have a large scouting network with scouts watching games and tournaments in and around London.

This is our main source of recruiting young and talented players.

Should you wish to be considered for a trial, the following procedure will apply:

Players between the age of 9 and 18 years are asked to send their CV and a covering letter to the Academy, including the following details:

- Your name
- Your age & date of birth
- Your contact address and telephone number
- The current club you play for
- The school you attend
- The position you play
- A list of forthcoming fixtures you will be playing in

- On receipt of your letter, the recruitment staff will make a decision as to whether a scout will watch your games.

- If the scout feels that the player has shown potential to play at Academy level, an approach will be made to the manager of your club as well as your parents and you will be invited in for a trial with Chelsea Football Club.

-The trial will last for a maximum of six weeks during which time the player will train and play with the current registered players in your age group.

- During your trial period you will be monitored by your age group coach, the assistant Academy manager, Academy manager and recruitment staff.

-A decision will be made within three to six weeks whether to sign you as a Chelsea player or release you from your trial and monitor you at your Saturday / Sunday club.

-Please note that in accordance with FA Premier League rules, trials can only be offered to players in the Under 9 to Under 12 age group if the player lives within one hour's travelling time of the Chelsea Academy.

-Trials can only be offered to players in the Under 13 to 16 age group if the player lives within one-and-a-half hours travelling time of the Chelsea Academy.

Please send your CV's to:

Chelsea Football Club Academy
Cobham Training Ground
64 Stoke Road
Stoke D'Abernon
KT11 3PT

All correspondence received will be acknowledged within 14 days.