Ramires believes we can reproduce last week's performance and earn our place in the Champions League final tonight.

We carry a one-goal advantage into tonight's semi-final second leg with Barcelona, knowing a repeat of last Wednesday's clean sheet will be enough to see us through to a second final in five years, but the threat of one of the world's greatest attacking sides cannot be ignored.

The backs-to-the-wall display at Stamford Bridge will have to be repeated at the Camp Nou, which boasts a pitch some 200 square metres larger, a five per cent total, than our own, making the tight defensive strategy employed by Roberto Di Matteo's charges in the first leg harder to execute, with so much more space in which Barça can play.

'It is motivation. It depends on us, how much we want it,' is Ramires's response to the challenge. 'Maybe it's difficult because it is a bigger pitch, but Benfica was a big pitch and they like to keep the ball too but we did well.

'It is about our focus and concentration, and the desire of our players. Of course it is difficult but we know it is not impossible. We have to respect Barcelona and know how strong they are, but we are very strong too. If we have the same, or even more desire than we had at Stamford Bridge, everything is possible for us.'

In London, the Brazilian was asked by his coach to sit deeper in front of the defence, protecting left-back Ashley Cole from the attacking running of Barça full-back, and his compatriot, Dani Alves.

'I have already played in that position before, for example against Napoli, and when Roberto asked me to do it I was glad to try to help the team, the same as in any position,' Ramires said. 'I always try to do what the manager asks, and I am glad I could make a contribution like that. Everybody has the same aim so we have to work so hard for the team.

'It's not difficult to stay disciplined. You just have to keep your head clear and focus on what you have to do, what the manager asks. He has a game plan and a vision that we have to follow. That's what we did last week, follow his idea and instructions.

'Then, you have to keep your eyes open to see the opportunity to go forward and win the game when you can, and that's what I did at Stamford Bridge to set up Didier Drogba's goal.

'Roberto asked us to be disciplined and we followed the plan exactly, but with an open mind you can see the little change in the game, the chance to break forward and score that goal.'

As things stand, Drogba's is the most precious of goals. If we make the final, the Ivorian's finish will be remembered for years to come. The contribution of its creator, and his role in any success that may come this evening, will be just as important.