Chelsea TV was able to call upon a true expert on this season's Champions League finalists as part of the channel's Countdown to Munich series.

Michael Ballack spent four seasons at Chelsea and prior to those, four seasons at Bayern Munich. He has twice played in the Champions League Final, in 2008 in Moscow and in 2002 with Bayer Leverkusen, the club he returned to for the past two seasons and whom we faced in this season's group stage.

The former German international captain reckons Chelsea should not ignore the fact Bayern Munich are playing in their own stadium when formulating a game plan for Saturday night.

'Chelsea played in the semi-final exactly the style you need to play against Barcelona,' Ballack told Chelsea TV, 'and a lot of people say they can't play the same style in the Final, they need to attack, they can't stay in their own box and wait - but they should play what they think is the best way to win the competition.

'It is just one game, there is no nice football and they have a lot important players suspended so they have to find a way to get a stability and to play to their strengths.

'It is like an away game and Chelsea know how to play away,' he added. 'They have done it a few times in the Champions League and they should do it again.'

The former German national captain believes the Allianz Arena factor does make the Bavarian side the favourites, but highlighted the fact it was far from a perfect season for them in the Bundesliga.

'In the Champions League semi-final they kicked out Real Madrid in two tight games but I think they deserved it. In the Final two years ago they lost against Inter and they are very hungry as it was 11 years ago they won their last Champions League.

'Bayern is a big club and a rich club but the big advantage is they play in their own stadium.

'For a long time Bayern were on top by eight or nine points in the Bundesliga and it looked like they would easily win the league by halfway, but then there came a stage when they lost so many points because they were sloppy so they lost it [to Borussia Dortmund].'

The Michael Ballack interview can watched now via Chelsea TV's online access where there are also interviews with Didier Drogba, Joe Cole and Boris Becker.

On Friday night's 'Countdown to Munich' on Chelsea TV at 6.30pm there will be coverage of the Chelsea training session from the stadium in Germany, in the company of Gustavo Poyet.