Having worked so hard to come this far, Didier Drogba is refusing to look any further forward than the match in Munich tonight.

The prelude to the game has been punctuated with questions about the striker's future at Chelsea with his current contract at an end in the summer. Both Drogba and Roberto Di Matteo have been asked about the situation but winning the final game of the season is all the matters when so much rides upon it.

'We have been waiting four years to be in this situation again to put the club at the top of European football and what is important is not my contract, what is important is the team and the fans and from there we will see what happens,' Drogba emphasises.

'Like every game I play I want to enjoy it but the most important thing is we win. Everybody is talking about it being a last game, I am just happy because we are again in a Champions League Final.'

Drogba has scored five goals on the way to reaching this stage of the European campaign. The one at home to Barcelona was vital but none was more important than the one that began the home leg turnaround against Napoli.

Nights like that give the team confidence we can overcome Bayern Munich despite playing in their stadium.

'It is a great challenge for us,' states Drogba positively. 'We have been to Barcelona and it was another big challenge and we have had other big games when we had to perform. Playing at home to Napoli was like playing away because we had to score so many goals to qualify.

'Now we are playing away but it is a final and we are not going to focus on that.

'Of course we have had a difficult season,' he adds. 'We have been through a lot of criticism but that is football and it means we are a big team. Big teams when they don't perform as people expect will be criticised.

'But we have managed to show everyone that we are still a very good team and oldies like Frank, JT and me, we are still here and we are still doing our best for the fans. We have Ashley Cole too and when he performs the team performs as well.

'It was a difficult season but if we win in Munich it was a fantastic season and everybody will only remember that Chelsea won this cup if we do.'