Former Chelsea star player and current website columnist Pat Nevin today completes his selection from thousands of short descriptions of what fans did when Didier Drogba stroked home the decisive penalty in Munich.

The first part of the selection, published yesterday, can be found by clicking here.

The second part is below:

Pacing, hands on head, a slight sense of dread. The kick. Jumped on my chair, hands in the air. Joy!
- Jeremy Brunner Waco USA

A Doctor Who moment - fifty year old man hides behind a sofa; just as I did 40 years ago…
David Atkinson

Before: I locked myself into the bathroom (5am Hong Kong time)
After: My wife shouted! "He scores". I rushed out to hugged her & gave her a long kiss.
Adetoyese (Hong Kong)

OMG! . I watched it with 75 Chelsea fans at Legends bar in New York City!. Then within a seconds I thought the building collapsed when 75 people started jumping! When I closed my eyes we were 6th place team from England. When I opened my eyes we were the best team in Europe!

Watching with friends, everyone went mental except me, asked why I replied "this doesn't happen to us, It'll be disallowed!"
Alan Harris

After the penalty: Unintentionally bellowed "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS". Various fist pumps etc. I called a mate of mine who's from Munich, and just started laughing.
Nick Shannon

I run in circles screaming Chelsea champions next thing I woke up with empty bottle of Jack Daniels beside me.
Begench Galpakov

After watching Peter's save through the gaps between my fingers my wife said Man up and watch She was right Cheers to all Blues fans around the world
Peter Burney

My boyfriend, Ryan, has been a Chelsea fan this whole life and here's his story once the game went to PK's: He left the room and paced. Had a panic attack. Didier scored: ran screaming, somersaulted into table, result: concussion.
Eleanor Cole

Calm, then I went berserk standing on my head shouting and eventually had to go bang my neighbor's door repeatedly.
Adebowale Adejugbe

I'm a doctor, I removed my shirt, ran out of the ward to celebrate with others in doctors' lounge.

Before, I took my parrot off my shoulder for his safety and after I ran around screaming like a madman.
There's a reason why my parrot was on my shoulder during the game. He'd been there during both legs against Barcelona so superstitiously I decided it would be bad luck if he wasn't there for the final.
I have had shoulder surgery. Unfortunately for me, watching your team score the winning penalty in a Champions League final when your shoulder hasn't fully healed from surgery, resulting in punching the air in delight (numerous times) is a painful experience (not that I felt it at the time).
But boy, was it worth it!
Tony Galea

Watching TV, my son (19) in tears and me just holding him. And Dids hadn't even took the pen yet!
Terry Witherden

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... YES!
Dick Baynham 

Hi pat in or out i was scared that my heart would pump me to death it was scarily moment.
Mugisa Stephen-kabale Uganda

I Promise God I'll cut my 'break-up nail'. The Nail I've being keeping three years ago after i broke-up with my Fiance. I did just that in tears!
From Adeniyi

I kissed the bald head of a random stranger next to me in the pub.
Regards Bryn Caine

One small step for Didier One giant kick for Chelsea Over land, over sea,
We are The Champions Forever Carefree! [20]

I was watching with my 12 Year old son, I'm 47 and supported since 1972.
Before Didier's penalty
Me "We're gonna win the Champions League"
Son silence
Both "Yessssssssssss!!!!!! Entwined and jumping around the living room.
Thanks Pat,
Kevin & Nathan Peacock

All those disappointments relegation. second division football, Moscow, JT's tears, Drogba places the ball, can't look must look, European CHAMPIONS'. That's twenty words.
Thanks Pat for a great column all the best forever Blue.
Iain Keith

I even screamed and I was hugging and jumping about with people I don't even know because we all know we have finally done it!
Theodor Koshev
Sofia, Bulgaria

In the German Ambassador's residence in KL. Hid eyes, peeked, saw goal, cried and cuddled every German I could find!
Tony Collingridge Kuala Lumpur

Before - Trying not to have a heart attack- After- Jumping and screaming up and down and broke my foot.
Mike Burck-Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Praying before………. Then SOBBING MY HEART OUT, shouting "YEeeeS"!!!!!!, Thought of my grandad and Chelsea Legends in Heaven smiling down.
Michelle Harston Surrey

I threw an empty Coke bottle across the room, which bounced off the wall knocked my 91 year old grandfather's tea out of his hand.
Frank Jamison - Dublin, Ireland

Big Pete - legend! Realization……It's Didier! Don't chip it! Hyperventilation…this is it………… please, please, please……YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!. Deranged family dancing.
James Pitcher

My wife and my 9 year old son who had fled the pressure of the kicks came rushing downstairs screaming " we won we won" And all I could say before the tears came was " In my lifetime"

It's been a long painful journey but like we say here in Nigeria : No matter how troubled the pregnancy or how painful the birth pangs, holding your baby in your hands gives you joy that feels no pain

When he stepped up I looked to the sky and said 'Please Mother, let him make it, I love you and miss you' and then went about celebrating as if I were having a seizure. Love the column, thanks ever so much.
Rob Clough

I actually turned over to classic fm while penalties taken, as I was on point of collapse after 57 years suffering, only to hear my neighbour bellow "we've only !?*!?*! won it"! World record channel change then occurred!
David Barrow

You asked for our reactions during and after, here's mine recorded by my understudy (a Spurs fan) after my show "What The Butler Saw" in the West End and might be of some amusement. The others in this video are simply stage hands, the company manager (the posh voice) and understudies. The only thing that is a surprise is that I actually kept conscious :)
Omid Djalili

So here it is: my reaction to the last 3 penalties:

Sweating, in my bed wearing my MOODY BLUES No 26 Chelsea shirt listening to BBC Radio 5 live with the ITV pictures and there was a time lag between the commentary and the TV pictures so celebrated before actually seeing Drogba slot the ball home - double enjoyment.
Anthony Moody

Having had a few sherberts, immediately after Didier's awesome penalty I kissed an exceptionally attractive, young, blonde called Megan. Then for good measure I shook her boyfriend's hand. Blue heaven,
Rick Asquith

As for the penalty shootout - every time Bayern scored (and after Mata's penalty) I could hear my landlord downstairs scream with joy (living in Bavaria, that's what you get), and every time Chelsea scored (and the two penalties Cech saved) I screamed right back at him ;-)
Kat Eichner

Before. Crouching behind sofa face pressed in it mumbling, After took my bemused cat for a lap around living room.
Regards, Mark Holliday

Palpations from my heart condition forced me outside. A policeman called an ambulance but I watched through the pub window.

I didn't need to go to hospital and I am fine now, though I felt decidedly dodgy until Didier's penalty went in. Unfortunately I told my wife that it was the best moment of my life. She reminded me that of course our wedding day is the best moment of my life. I suspect this error on my part will be referred to again at regular intervals over the next 20 years!
Tim Osborne

In a bar in Munich blocking out the female Bayern fan telling me he would miss, then the next 20 sec are blur untilI ran out into the street to hug any Chelsea fan I could find!
Simon Borg

hey professor pat, this is just stats which dont lie..... chelsea was formed in 1905.... won champs league 19.05

The seconds before drank a tin of Tennent's super seconds after fell and broke my wrist!
Rob Martin

thanks for the column Pat and for everything YOU have done for our club, I,m 50, its been a long time, I still find myself bursting into tears, your column did it to me again.
Happy times Kevin O'Kane

Hugged the lady behind me the whole time, she had just lost her father, a lifelong fan the week before.
Jim Brennan

Ran, stuck my head in the goldfish tank, shook my smiling wet head in front of my mum, delirious, crazed... amazed!

I was meant to be in Barbados with the girlfriend but I said I could not miss the match so she went with her mum.
Taran Featherstone

Let me inform you that the wife to one of the governors in Nigeria bought Chelsea's jersey for people and went on parade of the city in the morning of the final day and after the victory went to the stadium to celebrate with people. Nigerians love Chelsea. It is the best club in the world.

Before: Sitting calmly in a group.
After: Shirt off and on the floor even before I realised what I'd done.
Drink. Chant. Jump. Chant. Fetal position. Pray. Hold Breath. Silence.
Explosion! Scream. Shirtless. Spill chips. Yes! Run. Hug ground. Cry.
Anthony Nitido

I filmed it, gripping my camera tightly, so that when he scored I wouldn't drop it. Here's the video:
Simon Jenkins

"Swimming out to 'the Lady' in the middle of the night and wrapping her in Chelsea flags!"


Spent last half of extra time and whole penalty shoot-out in concourse hugging the 1970 chelsea badge to my heart which my beloved granddad bought me when we won the FA cup in 1970. Prayed to mum a lifelong Chelsea fan who died the day after I came back from Russia 4 years ago. Saw my hubby jump for joy. Burst out crying
Found the nearest man I could find to my granddad in the crowd and hugged him while we both cried. Wished it was my granddad seeing the best day ever in Chelsea's history.
Denise Beck

I cried. I was crying of happiness and my girlfriend laughed through tears with me. We cried of relief, glory and pure happiness!!! This is what every single player and true blue Chelsea fan did there for a second when Didier nailed it.
Konstantin,Chelsea Fan Club, Varna, Bulgaria

I was reciting my rosary purposely for the kick and after, i fell down with tears of joy.

You seriously expect me to summarise the mixture of emotions during those decisive moments in 20 words or less? Surreal.
Anamaria Elek Croatia

I got married on 19/5/12 (I know!) Watched the penalties on an iPhone, danced with my Dad!
Dave Merker

I stood still, absolutely still, heartbeat racing with the ghost of Moscow looming over my head. My wife tried to calm me down, but I let no one touch me. And a moment later I was in the air, lifted by my buddy, followed by a hundred YES's and some sweet tears.
Ninad Mokhariwale, US

I attach a small clip of the fans reaction from the stadium at Drogbas winning goal (This is spine tingling…Pat)
James Fox


And there it must end for this season, although there are many more I could have published. If you would still like to send any 20-word descriptions of what you did at that moment for me to read, then the address remains open.

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