There is a significant Brazilian influence in the Chelsea squad this season and one of our England internationals, Ryan Bertrand, grew up admiring the skills of former star from the five-times World Cup-winning nation.

@ryanbertrand3 was the most recent of our players to speak to fans via a Twitter Q&A session, making it a busy week for one of Tuesday's goalscorers, and during it he was asked who is his all-time favourite player?

'When I was growing up, I used to like Rivaldo, he was left-footed too,' Bertrand replied. 'Unfortunately I never got to see him play him live.'

He moved on to talk about Chelsea's new attacking threats.

'It's good, the signings that we have made, and with the players we still have we're looking a massive threat when we go forward with all the attackers we've got, so hopefully we can really push on and do well.'

Then it was time for some personal questions, including ‏@georgeankers asking: 'On a scale of 1 to "Aiden Azzarr", how annoying is it when commentators pronounce your name like it's French?'

With a smile of recognition, our young left-back said: 'I'm not fussed! People can say my name how they wish, but some commentators do like to put a French accent on it!'

He was asked details of matchday, including his favourite meal before a game by @mattmos13 and what it is like in the dressing before a big game by @ninjamo7.

'Two chicken thighs, small ones, with a small bit of pesto pasta, a small bit of scrambled egg and two slices of bread,' he listed.

'In the dressing room it is quite focused I'd say. Everyone's doing their pre-match routines and getting ready, running through little things we need to do in the play. I had a routine in that I used to bring in my first pair of football boots.'

Bermondsey boy Bertrand did admit that a Millwall match was the first game he ever attended but now he has been adopted by west London, he told @DabbzyNo1 what it is like playing in front of the Chelsea away support.

'It can definitely influence the way we play and it always provides us with encouragement and a small home, away from home,' he said. 'When we score a goal in the away games, it is good to go and celebrate with the fans there because you appreciate that they travelled.'

It was @Mason_26 who asked the question many must have wondered - what went through the 23-year-old's mind when he was told he would start the Champions League Final?

'It felt like this is the moment I have been waiting for, and the closer we got to the game it was also don't let anyone down and make sure we win!'