This week the Chelsea FC Foundation started the first of many international coach education training programmes in the Far East.

The programme began with the delivery of the Chelsea FC Foundation Introductory Coaching Workshop in Hong Kong, which saw the development of staff from five different Blue Pitch centres in Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

The course is designed to aid coaches in the delivery of an official Chelsea FC training programme and 32 candidates had the opportunity to observe and participate in our sessions as well as deliver their own sessions to young Hong Kong players.

The workshop consists of five units that are specifically developed to teach Chelsea FC soccer school coaches our philosophy and how to implement it on the pitches.

Foundation coaches were overwhelmed by the charisma, effort and passion shown by the coaches.

'Their ability to apply the material they've learned on the course to their coaching sessions is admirable,' said international development officer David Monk. 'All the coaches are part of the Chelsea FC family in Asia and following the club's philosophy is essential to guaranteeing a genuine Chelsea FC experience for any player who visits a Blue Pitch centre.'

'Each coach has really taken the initiative to develop themselves and in turn we have learned lots about the culture of each respective country which will aid us when developing coaching programmes for specific regions.

'Hong Kong have shown wonderful hospitality in hosting this Coach Education course and we could not have wished for a more suited location that the first Chelsea FC Blue Pitch,' added Monk.

The next stage of the programme will run in Tokyo, Japan, early next year.