Throughout the season former player Clive Walker provides radio and TV commentary on Chelsea's games. Here he selects five aspects from the second win over Arsenal this season that caught his eye…

1. There have been games when you could be critical of Chelsea for not starting quickly enough but we were the ones that seemed up for this London derby. The players looked keen to keep the distance between us and Arsenal in the league table and by being quick out the blocks, they took the first half by storm. The two goals were made by excellent football and I have no problem with the penalty decision.

2. The feeling before kick-off was there were going to be goals. Both sides this season have been capable of scoring. Ramires was excellent early on and kept biting away at the Arsenal midfield and with Frank Lampard picking up the bits and pieces, it was another excellent performance by him. Arsenal's only big threat for pace was Theo Walcott and they kept him quite wide initially which allowed us to play a reasonably high defensive line first-half, and then our midfield players were able to engage on theirs.

3. We dominated midfield before the break, selecting passes which Arsenal couldn't cope with. In the first half Mata and Hazard excelled and Torres worked his socks off. He is maybe under pressure because of Demba Ba's arrival and he reacted well to that. He was up for the cause, as was everyone else. Because we imposed ourselves on Arsenal they were left complaining to the referee. We were physical but we weren't over physical. We were intense and they didn't like it.

4. We knew Arsenal couldn't be as bad in the second half as the first half. Jack Wilshere got more on the ball and was more threatening and Walcott was more in-field, running from deep with his pace and that was dangerous. They certainly upped their tempo and they dominated us at times in midfield, but thankfully we had the two goals.

5. There were a couple of occasions late on when arguably Arsenal should have scored but we did defend well. Cesar Azpilicueta deserves a pat on the back because we know he likes to get forward and put balls into the box, but defensively when he is put in the situation, he is one of our best one-on-one defenders. His focus on the ball is excellent. At times that goes a little unnoticed and people may say he just stuck a foot out and knocked the ball away for a throw-in, but he knows his job. He is not always going to get it right but it is good old-fashioned defending.

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