Throughout the season former player Clive Walker provides radio and TV commentary on Chelsea's games. Here he selects five aspects from Sunday's top-four clash that his eye…

1. Man City's plan appeared to be to get Yaya Toure further forward than he has often played this season; more like he did in games last season. They wanted him to influence the match as an attacking force. David Silva is in good form and needed to roam to find space to deliver, and Toure arriving in the box gave Sergio Aguero more support. Toure had a free role with licence to get on the ball and put Chelsea under pressure.

2. Rafael Benitez said after the game that Chelsea did not switch the play in the first half often enough. The reason the players found it difficult to do so was most of our possession was in our half. If you switch play there you are doing it in dangerous areas. We needed to get the ball higher up the park but the tempo at which City approached the game put us on the back foot. Their passing was crisper.

3. We did show some defensive resilience and Gary Cahill was terrific, he barely made a mistake all game. We were not bad at the back but we played deep and our full-backs found it hard to get forward. If there isn't pressure on the opposition further up the pitch then the back four can't push up.

4. In the second half we were better, we upped the tempo of our game and got a little closer to them, but it didn't really look like we were going to score. When you are not the better team you hope an opportunity will somehow come along and it did with the penalty. Unfortunately it didn't go in so we missed the chance of a smash and grab.

5. Frank Lampard has been having a good run of success from the penalty spot and he was confident. He stepped up and he struck it okay, but from my experience when you have tense situations you more often miss when you try to place the ball than when you keep your head down and blast it. Lots of things go through your mind in those situations but we know Frank is well capable of coming back and scoring the next one.

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