Chelsea fans who would like to represent fellow supporters for the next two years by sitting on the Fans Forum' are invited to apply now for selection.

The Fans' Forum is a meeting of elected fans and senior staff members from Chelsea Football Club, which takes place three times a season on home matchdays.

The aims of the Forum are:-

- To maintain a positive and constructive dialogue between the club and fans.

- To develop a better understanding of issues that affect supporters.

- An opportunity for the club to discuss new ideas.

By this the club hopes to ensure supporters, whether on the Forum or not, feel valued in their loyalty to the club. It wishes to increase the supporter base and provide, as far as reasonably possible, the facilities and conditions the fans expect, and to develop a business structure that underpins a successful football team.

Biennially the Fans' Forum selects a new group who wish to keep the relationship running between club and supporters. They are drawn from a number of categories and the following seats are vacant for the upcoming season:

- Member (one place);

- Over 65 (one place);

- UK supporters club branch (four places);

- Overseas supporters club branch (one place).

If you can offer the kind of input your fellow fans require, and are prepared to sit on the Forum for two years, then you can apply by downloading and completing the application form now.

Chelsea has appointed the Electoral Reform Services (ERS), an independent balloting organisation, to administer the selection process. Fans have until 2pm on 7 June 2013 to apply.

>>Click to download the form which contains more detailed information.

>>Click to visit the Fans' Forum section of this website.