Throughout the season former player Clive Walker provides radio and TV commentary on Chelsea's games. Here he selects five aspects from Saturday's dramatic game that caught his eye…

1. Frank Lampard breaking the record in the manner he did was a typical scenario we have seen from him over the years. We've all waited for a bus and when one comes along, another comes along right behind it and that was the case with his goals. He is a player that forces the issue at times and is able to pull us through games, and his goals total from midfield is something massively exceptional. You cannot give Frank enough praise, he is a nice bloke as well, and it was lovely for him to do it in such an important game for the club.

2. The game becoming 10 v 10 helped Lampard's goalscoring chances. When Ramires was booked I said in commentary he had to be careful and I did wonder if he would have been substituted at half-time, but he was booked again before that could happen. For Christian Benteke to get sent off as he then did, in a similar fashion with a raised boot, may well have cost Villa the game. He was their main focal point and when it became 10 v 10 the game opened up. When a player of Lampard's quality sees space, he uses it well. He is so experienced at timing his runs and when you are down to 10 men you can't fill those gaps.

3. When Ramires got sent off it was a shock for Chelsea because we didn't want to go into the Everton game needing to get something. The team went into defensive mode initially because 2-0 would have been a big mountain to climb. We did that reasonably well and then in the second half we saw a team that didn't look down to 10 men, we saw a team that wanted to score.

4. The half-time substitution did the job. Victor Moses was struggling a little and the introduction of David Luiz released Lampard to go forward. It gave David Luiz the opportunity to boss midfield. Benteke then getting sent off gave him the chance to really rule the roost.

5. The injuries were the one downside to the afternoon and it was unfortunate Eden Hazard's came right at the end of a run, right at the end of the game. He played very well again and the run he was making with pace was brilliant. The injury could have been tiredness or he could have over-stretched himself, or it could have been a slight nudge from a defender which pushes your hamstring a little bit further. The second half of the season he has been outstanding but it was one of those things that happen in football.

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