Ahead of Chelsea's match against Manchester United this evening, Jose Mourinho has spoken about a motivated trio of strikers from which he can select for the team.

Adding another forward to the squad is a target for the club before the transfer window closes in a week's time, but despite that being known, the manager is pleased with the reaction from the likes of Fernando Torres, Demba Ba and Romelu Lukaku.

'They are professional, they want to stay, they know that if somebody is coming it is hard, because normally somebody has to leave - and when a player is happy here and a player wants to stay here, and especially when a player is a professional, they give everything, like they are doing,' Mourinho says.

'But I never hide from the fact I want a squad of 22 so if somebody is coming it is a big motivation for them, and they are professionals especially and when you are professionals, you give everything like they are doing.'

Mourinho has given all three time on the pitch over the course of the two games so far, as he explains:

'Fernando Torres had a short pre-season and he was my choice to play the first match, and he did his job well,' he notes.

'For the second match because I knew it was the type of match when I needed a better defensive balance on the bench, I decided to have one striker on the pitch and one on the bench. So I started with Torres one match, and I started with Ba the second one and I had Lukakau never starting but playing in both matches, and it is part of my job to keep them motivated so I try to motivate them.'