Supporters attending Chelsea's match away against Steaua Bucharest next week may appreciate the following information.

The match is on Tuesday 1 October, kick-off 21.45 hrs local time.

The Romanian capital city is situated in the south of the country with a population of approximately 1.9 million. It has good transport systems and flight connections across Europe with two international airports: Aeroport Henri Coanda which is 16.5 km north of the city and Aurel Vlacia 8 km north of the city centre. Each airport is served by the Metrosystem

The Arena Nationala is the national stadium opened in 2011 and is located approximately 4 km from the city centre. It is used by the Romanian national side and the Bucharest teams for their European matches. It is surrounded by a wide, open space and has a perimeter fence with three main access gates.It has a capacity of 55,634 with all the seats having roof coverage.Journey time from the city centre to the stadium is 10 minutes by Metro and then a 15-minute walk.

Match day Transport
The stadium can be reached by using the Metro 'yellow' line to Piata Muncil followed by a 15-minute walk. Gard De Nord is a convenient central city Metro station for this journey.

Trolley buses 86 and 90 also run to the stadium.

Taxis will be available but care should be taken to ascertain they are associated with a proper company and what the fare will be.

Stadium and Regulations
Chelsea supporters will be located in sectors 354, 356 and 358 in the upper tier of Peluza Nord, which is accessed via Gate H.

NOTE Chelsea supporters will be required go to a meeting point at the approach of the stadium situated at Strada Tont Bulandra and Strada Mr Ion Coravu. This is adjacent to a large sign 'Baza Sportiva Electroaparataj'.From this location they will be escorted along a fenced route and through a sterile cordon outside the stadium to Gate H.

Supporters who attend Gate H directly will be told to go to the meeting point.

Turnstiles will open at 19.00 hrs and supporters should allow plenty of time for travel and entry procedures which will consist of an initial ticket check and body search followed by electronic ticket entry.

Prohibited items are similar to those found across Europe but supporters should note that no liquids or large cameras are allowed to be taken into the stadium. Moderate sized banners will be allowed.

Refreshment facilities on the upper concourse will be available throughout the match with local currency required.Stewards will form the segregation within the stadium supported by police.

Persons who are drunk will not be permitted entry.

It is anticipated Chelsea supporters will be held back for a short period at the end of the match.

General Security Advice
Drinking in the streets is not permitted and offenders can be fined.Loud shouting or singing after 10pm is considered disorderly.

While Bucharest is generally a safe city supporters should be aware of pick pockets, petty theft and bag snatchers in crowded places. Organised groups involving children can operate.Care should be taken to keep bags and cameras secure and not keep on show any other valuables. Supporters are advised to leave their passports in the hotel safe and use another form of photographic ID e.g. driving licence or passport photocopy.

There are also reports of credit cards being copied in some bars are restaurants.

There are no specific health warnings but supporters are advised to be in possession of an EHIC card and adequate travel insurance.

Contact Numbers
Club Emergency ContactKeith Overstall + 44 (0) 7720970953
Public Emergency Line112

British Embassy
24 Jules Michelet
010463 BucharestTelephone: (40) (21) 201 7200

FCO Advice
Click for government advice for fans attending the game.