Chelsea feature in a major new exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London, exploring the untold story of Jews in football.

Four Four Jew brings together memorabilia, rare objects, film footage and interactive displays to explore the shared history of Judaism and football, and Chelsea fan and comedian David Baddiel was a contributor to the exhibition.

'Football is very much like a religion to so many people, in that you pray, and celebrate and come together each week as a ritual, and are incredibly proud of the team you support,' he said.

'I've never met a Jewish man who isn't in to football, and the Jewish community has been widely represented in this country for a similar time to football, since the second half of the 19th century when people arrived from Eastern Europe, so there is an interesting story here.

'I became a Chelsea fan, like many, watching the 1970 FA Cup final, but by 1975 when I was old enough to start going we were no longer one of the most glamorous clubs and there followed a 20-year period of promotions and relegations before we became glamorous again.'

Among the Chelsea-related content on display is The Y-Word video, in part produced by Baddiel and his brother Ivor, made in 2010 and featuring Frank Lampard.

A matchday programme from 1966 also features, when we faced Real Madrid in an International Club Charity Cup game, a fundraiser for Jewish communities which featured Ferenc Puskas at Stamford Bridge.

Four Four Jew runs from October 10 until February 23 at the Jewish Museum London. More information can be found here.