Posted on: Tue 15 Oct 2013

St Dominic's Sixth Form College in Harrow celebrated Women's Football Week with a female football session attended by Chelsea Ladies' Marie Hourihan, a former student at St Dominic's.

Marie was happy to share her experiences both within the female game and her time at the College, saying: 'When I came here there wasn't a female football programme so it's fantastic to see the College offering these opportunities to the girls.'

Marie's story proved inspirational to many of the girls who attended. One current student, Zahra Shafi said: 'It was lovely to see someone who has gone so far in the female game mixing her job as an accountant with football.'

Chelsea Ladies_story

Women's Football Week is an event organised by British Colleges Sport (BCS) from 7-11 October, with colleges running female-specific opportunities to encourage more players to take up the sport.

A number of new players attended the session and it is hoped that, as a result, the female football programme at the college will continue to grow.

Sumayya Bandau, a student at the College who was new to football, said: 'The session was a good experience to be part of and having a current player for Chelsea here made it even more special for me to be involved.'