At the EGM earlier this year shareholders voted in favour of issuing new shares, up to a limit of 1,000, before the next general meeting.

As was explained at the meeting itself several hundred inquiries or applications had been made and were awaiting processing. More inquiries were received after the EGM.

Since then we have sent application forms to 665 people.

A total of 130 new shares have so far been checked and approved. A further 70 or so will be issued shortly.

Obviously there is a considerable shortfall between application form requests and completion. We would encourage those who have made inquiries to send in their applications for shares, or their proof of identity/address, as soon as possible.

CPO is a unique organisation - no British league club has anything similar. But it will not thrive without the involvement of more Chelsea fans. We would like as wide a shareholder base as possible, to include fans of all ages, backgrounds and views.

Your becoming a CPO shareholder can help make our organisation stronger, more representative and hopefully more effective.

This is a unique opportunity for supporters to show your commitment to Chelsea Football Club. With Christmas coming a CPO share is also the perfect gift for any loyal fan.

•A simple CPO share costs just £100.

•A framed CPO share can be bought for £125.

•A framed CPO share signed by your favourite Chelsea squad member can be bought for £150. Recent signatories have included Frank Lampard, Oscar, David Luiz, Ashley Cole and Branislav Ivanovic.

For further details, please email the CPO office at cpoinfo@btconnect.com

We will provide a further sales update as things progress.

The Board