Company FAQ

How many shares have been sold?

As of September 2011, 15,117 shares had been sold.

What are the responsibilities and aims of CPO in the 'Roman era'?

Nothing has changed, the objective remains the same - to actively market and sell shares to raise money in order to pay off the loan used to purchase the freehold of the pitch.

Can I transfer my share?

If a share is fully paid for there is no restriction on transferring it. This is providing that the transfer is accompanied by the share certificate and any other evidence of title required by the directors.

Does my share increase in value?

The share capital of the company is not listed or traded on any stock market; therefore your share will not increase or decrease in value and will not be eligible to be sold.

Is one company able to buy a huge sum of CPO shares and gain majority of the votes?

A company or individual is able to buy as many shares as they would like. However, this would not mean that the majority of the votes are secured. The maximum number of votes that shareholders can have is 100, irrespective of the number of shares they own.

Can I buy a share on behalf of someone else?

Yes. A CPO share makes a perfect present for any true Chelsea fan. All Chelsea Pitch Owners need are their details and contact information from you.

If you have any further questions for CPO, please email