Contact a Fans' Forum Member

The members of the Fans' Forum are ordinary fans and you can now contact them by using the contact form link below. You might want to ask them a question about the Fans' Forum or ask them to raise a topic at the next meeting. 

Please be aware however they can only help you with matters relating to the Fans' Forum itself and not general enquiries about the club.


Position Name
Home ST Lesley Greig
Away ST Jenny Alexander                                       
Member Adam Robinson
Disabled Matthew Law
Family Natalie Winton
Over 65 Alan Dartnell
Hospitality Michael Woodhead
16 - 21 Ludo Goodliffe
UK Branch Steve Kimberley
UK Branch Neil Barrett
UK/ Eire branch Dermot Saville
Overseas Branch Lee Sporle
Overseas Branch Bharat Ramprasad
CFCnet Joe Tyler
CFCUK Neil Beard
Chelsea Supporters Club Mark Puttock
Chelsea Supporters Group Liz Nurse
Chelsea Football Fancast Paul Jeffrey
Chelsea Supporters Trust Julian Beattie