Florent Malouda: 'Sometimes in my life I feel like I am different because I come from South America, not because of my race, I believe there is only one race, but because of that origin people can make you feel like you are different.

'I think it is a problem of knowledge, people are scared of something they don't know. Now you have a lot of information, the internet, satellite TV, many sources of information so you have no excuses to say you don't know this religion, or someone is not like me, there is education and it is the key to fight against racism.

'Before people couldn't even speak about that like they were rejecting it and saying it is not existing - people who do it are wrong, hiding behind religion to explain their behaviour against gays, but you have to accept people as they are and once you understand that, you understand our differences are our strength.'

In 2008, Chelsea were awarded with the Intermediate Level of the Racial Equality Standard (RES) for our work tackling discrimination within the game, with extra impetus to our work fighting racism and all forms of prejudice .

The club has undertaken numerous projects engaging fans and our communities in aspects of our anti-discrimination work. Thousands of young people in south-west London participate in the club's anti-discrimination education campaign every year. The programme is headed up by Chelsea's first black player, Paul Canoville.

Canoville played a significant part in the club's history and has become a regular visitor to schools across London for our education department, telling the story of how he combated the racism he encountered as a player.

Every year pupils engaged in the programme design their own posters with the winning designers having the opportunity to lead the teams out at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea's ground-breaking Asian Star intiative has also seen over 1300 young Asian players take up the challenge to be named Asian Star since the programme's introduction in 2009. The initiative aims to overcome low participation levels from British Asians in the beautiful game.
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