School Assemblies

As part of our health programme Chelsea coaches deliver healthy lifestyle assemblies in primary schools delivering information to give young children a head start in life. From subjects ranging from dietary advice and exercise using practical examples based on the first team players, our healthy assemblies are a great introduction to the positive benefits of healthy lifestyles.

Breakfast Clubs

With the support of Chelsea the numbers of schools now involved in our unique breakfast club initiative doubled meaning over 220 children from 10 schools in the more socially deprived areas of Hammersmith and Fulham were given a nutritious breakfast each morning.

The children, who for social or financial reasons may not otherwise be able to have a healthy start to the morning, are now benefiting from the scheme, run in conjunction with Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

Schools say punctuality, attendance and behaviour of pupils improves once they start attending the clubs on a regular basis and they are more ready to learn and settled into the school day having had something nourishing to eat and drink.

To reward their achievement, the best-attending pupils from each school are given the opportunity to visit the Chelsea training ground and meet the players.

Smoking cessation

The club are proud to back the Department of Health's Smokefree United programme to provide coaching and support to help fans to stop smoking.

Men's Health

Chelsea have devised unique men's' health programmes to tackle health inequalities in Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster.

Men in the boroughs have traditionally suffered health inequalities due to a reluctance to visit doctors and other health professionals. Combined with the fact that the areas suffer from high incidences of heart disease, smoking-related illnesses, depression and obesity, the borough faces a number of serious health issues, which the scheme hopes to tackle.

By engaging men in sporting activities, we hope to be able to promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle as well as referring participants to the relevant health agencies expert advice on healthy eating, quitting smoking and other health-related topics is also provided alongside training and education initiatives and information on routes into employment.

Participants on the programmes are also visited by health professionals for health MOTs to establish their body mass index, fitness levels, lung capacity and heart rate.

The Chelsea Health Bus

Chelsea Football Club has joined forces with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to provide a mobile screening clinic on matchdays at Stamford Bridge.

The services include the measuring of blood pressure, diabetes testing, Body Mass Index (BMI), and obesity checks. Information about cancer screening, advice for stopping smoking or cutting down on alcohol or drugs will also be provided.

The clinic welcomes all fans to use this service. The service is completely free, anonymous and confidential. Results will be given on the day or texted to fans' mobile phones when they are ready.