This Champions League campaign has seen Chelsea players donning the logo of our global charity partner Right To Play, here the charity offers an insight into the work they do.

As a football fan and dedicated Chelsea supporter, you know the importance of sport, the power it holds and the lessons that can be learned - teamwork, trust, co-operation, dedication and fair play.

These attributes are why playing sport as a child is vital, access to sport should not be a luxury but a necessity; every child should have the right to play.

Over the past six months you've seen Chelsea progress through the Champions League all the way to the final - And you'll have no doubt noticed 'Right To Play' on the backs of the shirts.

Right To Play is the leading international humanitarian and development organisation and uses the transformative power of sport and play to build essential skills in children and drive social change in communities affected by war, poverty and disease.

Right To Play works with over 700,000 children and young people on a regular basis, creating safe play spaces for them to learn and build a brighter future. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child guides our work and our education programmes target the most marginalised and vulnerable children and young people, including girls, children with disabilities, young people affected by HIV and AIDs, street children, former child combatants and refugees.

Right To Play improves health, teaches basic life skills and helps children and youth to develop skills to resolve conflict peacefully in some of the most disadvantaged areas in countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Role models, family, coaches, teachers, peers and our Athlete Ambassadors all play an important role in helping people build a brighter future and fulfil their potential.

On Saturday 19 May, the eyes of the footballing world will be watching the game in Munich where Right To Play's logo will feature on the Chelsea shirts for the last time this season. It's been an honour to be part of the historic campaign and we'd like to thank Chelsea fans for all their support.

But now we're asking, please don't just support Chelsea - support every child's right to play.

Click here for more information on Right To Play.