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    [User name] has bought you a subscription to Chelsea TV!

    Dear [Name],

    You can now enjoy access to Chelsea TV online and via your smartphone wherever you may be!

    Your subscription includes the ultimate matchday experience with live pre and post-shows, live match commentary plus full match replays and extended highlights of every game.

    What’s more we have unlimited access to manager Jose Mourinho and the players, and plenty of live action from our Youth teams to keep you entertained.

    [User name] also wrote you this message:

    [user name]

    To activate your subscription to Chelsea TV, just follow these simple steps:

    1. Copy your promotional code: [promotional code]
    2. Click here to enter your code
    3. Register your details

    You don't need to put in any credit card information and won't be charged for anything!

    All the best
    Chelsea TV
    Wherever you may be

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