Posted on: Thu 03 May 2007

A blood test on Michael Essien following his arrest for alleged drink driving has shown he was under the legal drink drive limit.


Essien said: 'I was very upset to read the story last week that I had been arrested for drink driving. I would never drink and drive and I am glad the blood test results came back and confirmed that I was not over the limit.


'The people close to me know that I don't really drink anyway but I certainly would never be so irresponsible to put my own and other peoples' lives at risk.


'I am very aware also that footballers are role models to a lot of young kids and I take that seriously so would not want any kids to think that I would behave in an irresponsible way. That is why I wanted to clear my name and make sure people know I am a responsible person and was NOT over the limit.


'This story has caused a lot of upset also to my mum and family in Ghana. There has been a lot of things written about me that are just not true. It's important to me that people write the truth - that I was not over the limit. There are no charges being brought against me.


'As far as I was concerned the police were doing their job, I happily co-operated with them, even signed autographs for some of the officers' kids. I presumed when I was allowed to drive home after two-and-a-half hours at the station that they were happy I was not over the limit.'