Posted on: Mon 11 Oct 2010

It is a quiet time at Cobham with our international players still away, but Hilario has been keeping spirits high with his quirky sense of humour...


How do things work at Cobham for you?
I sit next to Julia Roberts on my right, and on the left is Robert De Niro. De Niro is a good guy. Sorry, on my right-hand side is Petr Cech, and on my left is Paulo Ferreira, so they are quite quiet but Petr likes to talk a lot. He likes to speak about many things.

Which of your team-mates impressed you at the weekend?
Ramires, definitely. It was the first time he played in a big match and it is never easy for a big player to come to a team like Chelsea. I know he plays for Brazil but it is a different culture and mentality, and he did really well and was important for us in the win.

What things grab your attention during a game at Stamford Bridge?
Apart from the football? The fans can sometimes get your attention, and I like to look at the screen to see the other scores and see how our opponents are doing, it is important to know. But most of the time the focus is on the game!

What's the most memorable dressing down you've experienced at half-time?
Oh my god, there have been a lot. I had a few ones, but not so many, I cannot choose one. Sometimes it is really important, at half-time the manager has to be strong and to be rude with the players sometimes, it is a good opportunity to give the team the lift it needs or to change something.

What is home for you?
I think of my place, my family, here in England. Definitely.


Which other sports do you like watching on TV?
It is hard for me to watch too much on TV, sometimes I can sit for a while to watch tennis.

And which ones have you played - we know you vary things up a bit in training - which ones, why?
I play table tennis sometimes at Cobham, but when you have two boys growing up so quick they take all your time. Who is the best in the club? I would say we have a few good ones, Petr is very good and also Yury Zhirkov plays really well. Because I have been injured I didn't play for a while, so maybe there is another big surprise now. Those two from when I was playing against them were the most difficult.

Did you know any of the opposition the last game?
From Arsenal? No.

Any famous friends?
Celebrities you mean? No, no no.

What is your favourite place to escape from it all?
Do I have time to fly somewhere? If I do I will go to the Caribbean. If not, I will go to the Chelsea Club, the health club at Stamford Bridge. I enjoy it, it is a nice, quiet place with a really good energy.