Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

In the last week Ross Turnbull has played a game at Chelsea's home stadium and travelled away with the squad to his native north-east. Here the keeper reveals a little more about the meaning of those words for him...

How do things work at Cobham for you?
Normally I come in around 9.30am and grab some breakfast, then I see the masseur and he gives me a stretch before training. We start before the outfield players anytime after 10.30am, then we train before coming in for lunch. I always go for the fish at lunch, I enjoy the sea bass but all the food here is fantastic.

Does the crowd ever grab your attention during a game?
Obviously the louder the crowd is, the more you hear it but whether it grabs your attention I'm not sure because you're concentrating on the game. You do realise when there are more people there though. Against Zilina was a good atmosphere, their fans were singing along and ours were very vocal so it was a good atmosphere on the night.

What's the most memorable dressing down you've experienced at half-time?
I'm not sure actually, I wouldn't say I have had too many dressing downs. Our old youth team coach at Middlesbrough used to have a few, not at me fortunately, but at a few of the lads. There were some classic sayings, which are funny looking back at them, but not at the time!

What is 'home' for you?
The north-east of England, considering that was where I was brought up and it's where my family and friends are now. I would consider that being home. I am enjoying life down here now as well though, so it's like a second home.

Which other sports do you like watching on TV?
Golf and tennis. I enjoy playing golf. I enjoy tennis as well but I don't get a chance to play that too much, so I just play golf now really and I enjoy watching it on TV.

Are you any good at any of them?
I'm steady with golf, if I played more often I could get a lot better. It's just about getting the time to practice and play but after I have retired that is something I would like to do more, play golf and get my handicap down.

Do you have any famous friends?
Not outside of football. Obviously I have a few in the game but I wouldn't say I have any famous friends outside of football.

What is your favourite place to escape from it all?
Probably the TV room back at home. I shut the door and watch TV, it's a good way to relax and lounge about, catch up with all the soaps. I like Home and Away, Neighbours, Corrie, Eastenders, all of them!

What areas do you like in London?
This area around the training ground, this is where I live. It's easy to go somewhere to eat and shop and also I take my little girl to Chessington World of Adventures, which is only down the road. It's just a nice place full of friendly people.

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