Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

After a free weekend, our Serbian defender considers life at Cobham, friends in high places and life next to Yury Zhirkov...


How do things work at Cobham for you?

It sit next to Yury, who you can guess is very quiet and never in the dressing room. We listen to music, sometimes I get to listen to the music in the dressing room, and I am very happy when I play the music, but a lot of the time I have to listen to other people's music! I prefer Serbian music to what the other players have on!

Which of your team-mates impressed you last week against Blackpool?

It was a team performance, there was no individuals. We played like a team, though I guess John Terry impressed me defensively, and scored a very important first goal.

Does the crowd ever grab your attention during a game?

Sometimes I hear them, sometimes not, but a lot of the time I am very focused. When you get the ball from the crowd to take a throw-in you feel the support and everyone wants to shout for you, so that is nice and it is important to us. When things are not going well the support never changes and we are happy for that.

What's the most memorable dressing down you've experienced at half-time?

Most managers are very calm, Carlo is very calm, but managers, players can all get angry. I am sometimes nervous when things are not going well but I try to control myself

What is 'home' for you?

Always I think about Serbia, my family, my friends there, I think this is a normal thing.


Which other sports do you like watching on TV?

I like basketball, tennis, volleyball, I like to watch all the sports.

You were at the O2 recently weren't you?

Yes, recently I have been there to watch Novak Djokovic in the tennis, and last week went to the NBA basketball. I follow Novak when I can, when he plays in London. I don't just like the NBA either, I follow the European leagues in basketball.

Do you have any heroes from this other world?

I have a lot of heroes from the national team, Aleksandar Djordjevic was a great, and I think his generation won everything. For me when I grew up he was fantastic and brought me a lot of happiness from basketball.

Any famous friends?

I am friends with Djokovic, I also know Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic the female tennis players. From basketball I know Predrag Stojakovic who plays for the Dallas Mavericks, so I know a few people.

What is your favourite place to get away from it all?

When I am stressed I like to go fishing, but only back in Serbia. I am not a good fisherman, I just go there to rest, to enjoy being next to the water.