Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

Ross Turnbull has been enjoying a rare quiet week at Cobham, and believes there is plenty to be gained for the youngsters standing in for their international team-mates in training.

At lunchtime on any afternoon during the week, the first team dressing room is normally packed with footballers going this way and that, usually with a musical accompaniment, but on this occasion it is silent but for the sound of the County Durham-born goalkeeper.

'It's obviously quiet but we've had some good sessions after a couple of days off,' he said. 'It's different but it's a good chance for the younger players to join in and train with the senior guys that are here and show the manager what they can do.

'We've got a big squad so there's not always the opportunity to come and join us, so that's a positive for them, and it's different for us, but we get on with it and train just as we normally would.

'It is good to see them involved, we have such good players coming through and both the reserves and the youth team are doing really well, so it's nice to see and good for us to see what the competition is for us in years to come! It's a great experience and I'm sure they enjoy stepping up and training with the likes of Michael Essien, Nicolas Anelka and Paulo Ferreira.'

Asked whether the players discuss what is going on around the world in terms of their team-mates international fixtures, Turnbull said he expects the banter to start flying once the action is underway.

'We'll speak when the games have been played, it will be interesting over the weekend and I'm looking forward to watching the English lads against Wales,' he said. 'I'm sure once the games have been played there'll be plenty of talk going on about it all, but hopefully everyone does well.'