Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

They are already World and European champions but Oriol Romeu is hoping Spain can add the Olympic crown in London next summer...

Oriol, what are your standout Olympic memories?
There are lots of images that come to mind, but nothing specific. There are just certain sports that are iconic with the Olympics, like the 100 metres.

How seriously does Spain take the football tournament?
The coach wants to bring through specific players, and obviously this is important. It gives young players the opportunity to play in a big tournament, but also the country the best chance to win.

Would you like to play at London 2012?
Yes of course I would like the opportunity. I haven't played at Wembley so I would love to be in the final, it is an amazing stadium and one of those places you would always love to play. The World Cup is really the biggest tournament, but to be in the Olympics would be a huge opportunity and good to have on your CV.

What other sports are you looking forward to seeing next year?
The 100 metres, the 400 metres and basketball also.

Which other Spaniards could do well?
Spain have a strong basketball team and hopefully they can do well, but I am also hoping there could be surprises in some of the other disciplines.

What do you make of London as a host city?
It is a city where there is so much to do, it is a natural place to host sporting events. Barcelona hosted in 1992 but I was only born a year earlier so I don't remember any of it.

What would your event be?
Can I just play football? Sometimes I played tennis with my friends. I know Petr Cech has played too, I think he plays all the sports.

Who would be in your Chelsea 4x100m relay team?
I will go with Fernando, Daniel Sturridge, Ramires and David Luiz. I think they would be very quick.

What would you like to see in the Olympics that isn't already?
I'm not sure which ones are in or not, but maybe if there are sports up and coming now that are getting stronger they should be included soon.