Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

Andre Villas-Boas has addressed a couple of incorrect media stories that have been circulating, including the details of an agreement with Barcelona regarding Oriol Romeu.

The 20-year-old summer signing has been the most regular selection for the anchor midfield role in the past month. His raised profile in England has led to a repetition of previous stories suggesting his former club have an option to take the player back should they so wish. In reality, all the Catalan club have is a first-refusal agreement should Chelsea deem Romeu surplus to our requirements.

'The buy-back option states that Barcelona can only buy back if Chelsea are willing to sell,' clarified Villas-Boas, who also discussed Romeu's quick acclimatisation to England.

'There is always time needed for you to adapt into the Premier League but with Oriol Romeu and Juan Mata, and Raul Meireles last year at Liverpool, these players have adapted pretty well to Premier League standard. They have all set standards of quick adaptation to this level.'

The other report the manager is able to dispel is one suggesting Petr Cech's time at Chelsea could be coming to an end. He also spoke about loan plans for Thibaut Courtois, the young keeper signed in the summer from Genk. He is currently playing at Atletico Madrid.

'There are false stories about Petr Cech leaving the club,' Villas-Boas stated.

'We are trying to reach an agreement with Petr and he knows we are interested in renewing his contract.

'Regarding Courtios, we have to make a decision at the end of the season. We will not recall him in January for sure, and what I will say is Hilario and Ross Turnbull have shown an outstanding level of performance when they have been called up so we are happy with the work that they are doing.'

Two moves to Chelsea that didn't come to pass before the transfer window closed at the end of August were Luka Modric from Tottenham and Alvaro Pereira from Porto.Villas-Boas doesn't anticipate those players will be targets when the window opens again in January. He also responded to media speculation about Bolton defender Gary Cahill.

'At the moment we have not made any enquires about Gary Cahill,' reported Villas-Boas.

'He is a fantastic player because he plays for the English national team and he is a central defender of high qualities. He had a fantastic year last season and this year he has improved but he is not a player that we are considering.

'Alvaro [Pereira] I don't think so based on prices and because we are pretty satisfied with what we have got. Ryan Bertrand has shown fantastically good levels of understanding in the team and talent and Ashley Cole is continuing to perform fantastically well.

'Luka Modric I don't think so because we have Michael Essien returning and I think we have left that one out for sure.'