Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

Ahead of what promises to be a memorable sporting summer, Daniel Sturridge gives us his thoughts on London 2012...

What are your earliest Olympic memories?
I would probably say the era of Linford Christie and watching the likes of Marion Jones, Maurice Greene, people like that. They would be my earliest memories.

linford christie in action

Which athletes will you be keeping an eye out for this summer?
Obviously Usain Bolt, who I know due to my Jamaican background, I'll be keeping my eye on a lot of the Jamaican athletes. There's a few of them who are looking quite good, but Great Britain have also got some brilliant prospects so it will be interesting to see how they fare against the Americans and Jamaicans, particularly in the sprints.

usain bolt

How do you think the Great Britain football team will fare?
I think they will do great. I know the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale have already said they want to take part, so to have players like that mixed in with the top English, Irish and Scottish talent should make for a brilliant occasion.

What are your thoughts on football in the Olympics?
I think it's an interesting prospect for any player and if you get a chance to take part then you will take it. You always want to be involved in big events and if you get the opportunity that's great.

You will obviously want to be involved in the European Championships this summer, but taking that tournament out of the equation, is the Olympics an event that you would like to be a part of at some point in your career?
Definitely, without a doubt; it's the type of opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime. It's the first time Great Britain have had a team competing in the football tournament and obviously we are the home nation, so it would be a chance to make history. My focus for this summer is on the European Championships but generally speaking, the Olympics is a great event.

If you could take part in one other Olympic event which would you choose?
I think the glamorous one is obviously the 100 metres so it would be great to take part in that, although I think it's probably clutching at straws to think I would beat Usain Bolt. To be involved in the final of any event would be unbelievable but I think the track events are where all the attention and focus is on so I would choose that.

If you had to put together a Chelsea 4x400 metres relay team who would you put in it?
Myself, Jose Bosingwa, Ashley Cole and Ramires.

Who's on the last leg?
Probably myself, no actually I'll take the third bend and let Ramires take the last leg, he can bring it home for us.

Final question, who is your favourite Olympian of all time?
I would say Usain Bolt but that's a bit too obvious. I haven't really got one but if pushed I'd say Eric the Eel [Eric Moussambani, the swimmer who found fame at the 2000 Olympics when he took twice as long as his competitors to finish his heat], yes he's my favourite.