Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

With London 2012 set to dominate the headlines in the capital this summer, it is Branislav Ivanovic's turn to take our Olympic questionnaire...

What are your earliest Olympic memories?
My main memories revolve around the sports which Serbia have generally done well in, such as basketball, where we won gold in Atlanta [in 1996], and water polo. We have also had great experiences in volleyball as well, these are popular sports in my country.

Who is your favourite all-time Olympian?
I really liked Michael Johnson [US sprinter], he was very good. Sprinting is a difficult discipline, you need to be fully focused all of the time, athletics is always the main event at the games so I enjoyed watching him.

Michael Johnson


Are there any particular Serbian athletes we should be keeping an eye out for in the summer?
We have a couple of young athletes who have qualified, but I would say that they would be good outside bets more than anything else. It would be very good for us if they were to reach the final of an event but, for us, any medal in the Olympics is great. I'm sure we will win some medals but we will have to see in which sports.

What event would you choose to take part in?
Maybe water polo as we tend to do well in that.


What are your thoughts on football in the Olympics?
I think the football in the games is not yet quite at the level of the World Cup or the European Championships, but I think for the other sports competing, the Olympics is the ultimate goal; it's the biggest achievement in their careers and it needs to be like that with the football as well. It only happens every four years and it will be very interesting, I am expecting a very good Olympics.

Who would be in your Chelsea 4x400 relay team?
Ramires definitely, he's a good runner, especially over a long distance. Daniel (Sturridge) and Fernando (Torres) would do well in the sprinting events, Lukaku would be good in the boxing and Petr Cech would do well in the javelin, he's good with his hands. I think Chelsea would do well in the Olympics.

How will London fare as a host city?
There will be a lot of traffic [laughs]. It's fantastic, people from all over the world will be coming here and I think it's really nice. The Olympics will be interesting, us players will be on holiday when it's taking place but I will definitely be following it. If I am in the country and have the opportunity to go along to see some action I will definitely go.