Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

Andre Villas-Boas has been discussing the work of Fernando Torres on the Cobham training pitches.

The forward has not scored since October but remains an important part of the team, leading the line in Didier Drogba's absence, and has contributed with a decent assists ratio over the past few months.

Assessing the media treatment of last January's deadline day signing, Villas-Boas explained that Torres seems to live his life on the field from week to week.

'It's an odd one because there is not a perspective of what he has done recently. Fernando always lives on a weekly basis, his performance with or without a goal gives him the credibility to live the week onto another game,' the manager said.

'Just after Sunderland we [heard of the] tremendous team impact he has been having recently, and there was more credibility given in the press. As soon as his impact drops for the team, and the team's results, there is a more negative path.

'We are not just looking for Fernando the goalscorer, we are looking for Fernando the player and to help him reach that continuous level of performance like against Sunderland.

'We speak about it and he is looking for it. We are trying to promote the movements he can do. Mentally he is ready and knows what he has to do, on the field and on the training ground we try to work on his movement and that's the only thing we can do.

'Eventually we could say a goal will trigger it all but we have to wait and see because there needs to be continuity after it.'

Villas-Boas rejected the idea of altering the team's style of play in order to create more opportunities for the Spaniard.

'We don't play to suit anybody's game,' he affirmed. 'There must be an understanding of a new way of playing in Chelsea, a dominant way of playing, where you have more of the ball and less spaces in behind.

'This changes the nature of a player's behaviours and movements and requires certain adaptation. That's what we are trying to get.'