Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

As the London Games creep ever closer, our regular feature returns with goalkeeper Ross Turnbull fielding questions about his Olympic heroes and hopes for 2012...

Ross, what are your favourite Olympic memories?
Michael Johnson winning the 200 and 400 metres in 1996, and he was wearing the gold shoes, that's definitely my favourite and always sticks out.

Who are you looking forward to seeing in 2012?
Obviously all the British athletes. The football will be interesting in terms of the squad selection for the Great Britain team. I think it's a good idea, everybody else seems to have a go at it so why shouldn't we? It's difficult with it being the four countries made up together but if it's done in the right way so I see no problem.

There is also the Athletics with Usain Bolt obviously, and I wonder whether he will be seriously challenged in either the 100 or 200 metres.

Who is your favourite all-time Olympian?
As I said Michael Johnson stands out and Jonathan Edwards (pictured below) as well, being from the north, so it was always good watching him and supporting him in the big competitions.


Who will do well from Britain?
I think Jessica Ennis, hopefully she will do well, there is a lot of talent and potential for a gold medal there. I wish everybody all the best of luck, it's such a huge event and one everybody is so proud to be involved in.

Have you seen the Olympic Stadium yet?
I think we drove past it on the way to West Ham last season, and I've seen it on the TV a lot. It looks fantastic, it'll be interesting to see it when it's full and I think it will be fantastic for the country. People watch all over the world and we can be very proud to be hosting it, it will be a fantastic spectacle.

Looking at it as a potential football stadium I don't know if the running track will help, but it depends what you look for. As a player you're on the pitch and it's 11 v 11, but as a fan you might prefer it to be closer and enclosed. It's a difficult one, but you can see why a team like West Ham will want to go into it.

How will London fare as a host city?
t will be very good, obviously there will be a lot of people coming to the city and people will be upgrading facilities to cater. Another thing is that it will get local children back into sport. That's important and will hopefully inspire people and push people on to get involved again.

If you had to pick one event what would you choose?
I'm not sure, but I think maybe the 100 metres. I wouldn't be any good at it but it has such prestige about it and everyone is interested in it.

I really admire the athletes that can do multiple sports, being able to focus across three or five or more sports is incredible, they're real sportspeople, and to be good at all of them is a fantastic achievement.

Who would be in your Chelsea 4x100 metres relay team?
Ramires, though he could be in my marathon team too, Daniel Sturridge will definitely be in there, Bosingwa and Ashley Cole will be the last one.

Finally, are there any sports not included in the Games that you would like to see next time around?
Is golf in it? Next time? Okay, that will be interesting. Maybe darts then, Britain might get a medal so I'd like that. I think four years might be a bit too long for Phil Taylor though, will he still be around then? We should have a good chance with a medal for golf too.