Posted on: Fri 30 Mar 2012

David Luiz turned in an impressive, composed performance in the 3-0 win against Bolton at the weekend, and the Brazilian defender is determined to focus solely on the present, rather than worrying about what has gone on in recent weeks.

A sublime strike two minutes into the second half by the 24-year-old broke the deadlock on Saturday, but it was his display at the other end of the pitch on this occasion which earned him the plaudits, although he stressed the result was all that mattered.

'It was a great moment for the team, not just for me because I scored, but for the whole team and we deserved it,' he said. 'It's difficult because we are a big team, and the big teams need to win, we have two matches that are like finals coming up, in the FA Cup and against Napoli, and I believe 100-per-cent that if we play like we did today we will win those games.

'I'm sad because I want to give more, and the team want to give more to the fans, but when you have a strong personality and believe in the job it is a great moment.'

After a goalless opening 45 minutes, the Blues stepped it up after the break, helped in no small part by David Luiz's opener, and in the end we ran out comfortable winners.

Somewhat understandably given recent results, it was a tense, nervy atmosphere inside Stamford Bridge until we took the lead, and David Luiz admitted that the players themselves have been affected by a poor run of form.

'I'm always anxious before games because I love playing football, even when the game finishes I want to play again,' he admitted. 'But maybe we are anxious as players because we don't like having bad moments and we want to respond, for ourselves and for the fans. The moment now is positive, not negative.

'All teams have problems, when Chelsea are first and somebody else is seventh, then they get criticised. That is the job of the media, if there is nobody to criticise the media don't have a job, but I believe in Andre [Villas-Boas] and I believe in all of the players.

'This season is difficult, but it's important to focus only on the present and not to worry about the past or the future.'