Posted on: Mon 02 Apr 2012

Petr Cech hosted 20 children at Stamford Bridge this week as a reward for the youngsters who attend the Breakfast Clubs programme.

For the last five seasons Chelsea has been funding the clubs, which run in partnership with Hammersmith and Fulham Council. They provide young people in 10 schools from across the borough with a healthy breakfast to start their day.

The 20 visitors were the highest attending participants on the programme, which has seen improvements in punctuality, attendance and the behaviour of pupils following a nutritious breakfast.

Cech, who is an ambassador of the Breakfast Clubs programme, handed out certificates to the children and posed for photos before the youngsters embarked on a tour of Stamford Bridge.

'I am really proud to be ambassador of this project because it's really important children have the right start to the day,' said Cech.

'Breakfast Clubs have helped the children's concentration levels in school and it shows them how to start the day well, with a good breakfast so they can have the energy and better concentration at school to get better results.

'The programme's been working really well and has shown that the kids who are attending on a regular basis have improved at school.'