Posted on: Fri 25 May 2012

Local boy Ashley Cole feels a sense of pride as he anticipates London 2012, but struggles to come up with a suitable Chelsea relay team...

Ash, what do you think about football in the Olympics?
I'm kind of gutted because east London is where I grew up, I played on Hackney Marshes, so to see the Olympics round that way and not be involved is a little bit upsetting.

But hopefully I can keep myself busy by having a summer playing in the European Championships and I will then keep an eye on the football tournament, where our young guys have a great chance of doing well. I'd like to have gone to watch, but this is football and we are always away and busy.

What are your favourite Olympic memories?
I remember Michael Johnson with the gold shoes back in 1996, was it? He was breaking records in a big way. I'm not a huge athletics fan but that was great to watch, and now Usain Bolt (pictured below) is here I am getting interested again. In his sport he is the best, he's unbelievable and blowing the rest out of the water.

Usain Bolt - Olympic champion 2008

Any Brits to be looking out for in 2012?
As I say, I'm not hugely into athletics, but Jessica Ennis will be a strong hope and she normally does well. I hope she can win the gold medal.

It's great for east London...
Yes, definitely. The buzz around the area now is amazing. the jobs it has created and all of the extra stuff is great. Bow, where I lived, is very different. I think my old house is the only one they haven't knocked down and rebuilt! It's great and there are a lot of amazing places now.

Have you seen the Olympic Stadium yet?
I've not seen inside but it looks great from the outside. To drive around that area now and see the whole park is great.

If you had to pick one event to take part in, what would it be?
Probably the 1500 metres, I don't think I'm quick enough to sprint but over a slightly longer distance I would have a chance.

Who would be in your Chelsea 4x100 metre team?
Oh wow. I'd have Studge, Rami, I think I might be getting in it. Maybe Salomon Kalou, Jose Bosingwa, and Ryan Bertrand. Right, Studge, Bossie, Rami and Ryan. Sorry, Sala. I was thinking about Lukaku, but I haven't seen him open up yet. It's not my game, I would do the 400, I could do that and not be too tired. And in the 400 I would also have Lamps, he's got that power.

And finally, are there any sports not in the Games that you think should be?
You know what I would like to see? Darts. But you only have three darts, and it's the highest score wins. So you have to be on your game, in a straight knockout.