Posted on: Thu 21 Jun 2012

With a gold medal of his own to cherish, Frank Lampard believes the 2012 Olympics can provide a huge boost to London this summer. Yesterday's birthday boy answers the official Chelsea website's questionnaire on the Games...

Frank, what are your thoughts on football in the Olympics?
It's very new to us in Great Britain. The South Americans and Africans have been much more brought up on it than we have, but that shouldn't take away from us trying our best to do well in the tournament. I am sure the players involved in it will do, but the World Cup is the very best in football.

What are your earliest Olympic memories?
Can I say the Winter Olympics? That would be Eddie the Eagle. I also remember the Seoul Olympics in 1988, getting up early and watching it before school, because of the time difference.

What will you be looking out for in 2012?
Obviously I'm looking forward to the British athletes doing well, the 100 metres final is an obvious one but I am looking forward to the whole spectacle, and if I can manage to get some tickets I would love to be able to take my kids to see some of it. Lord Coe has done an amazing job to get it running so smoothly and I think he deserves more credit for it.

Who is your favourite Olympian of all time?
As I know him I had better say Seb Coe. The era of him and Steve Ovett and Steve Cram was a great time for British athletics.


Have you seen the Olympic Stadium yet?
It looks good from the outside, I have driven past it. I've been invited to have a look around it, but it's a problem finding the time.

How will London fare as a host city?
I love London, it's absolutely brilliant. I know we've had some tough times but I think we can be very proud and I hope it generates some revenue and interest, and helps out the area and leaves a legacy. That'd be great. I've never had a local Olympics in my lifetime and probably won't do again.

If you had to pick one event to take part in, what would it be?
I would go for the rowing. I hear Ash nominated me for the 400 metres, but I don't think I could step up, I don't have that injection of speed!

Who would be in your Chelsea 4x100 metre team?
Daniel Sturridge, Ramires, Branislav Ivanovic, he's a powerhouse, and Ryan Bertrand.

And finally, are there any sports not in the Games that you think should be?
Nope, I'm happy with it the way it is thanks!