Posted on: Wed 04 Jul 2012

The first day in any new workplace can often be a daunting one, but how does it feel when you join a top, Premier League football club?

With players returning to Cobham this week for the start of pre-season training, the official Chelsea website asks members of our squad to take a stroll down memory lane and recall how they felt on their very first day as a Chelsea player.

I arrived at Gatwick and was driven to the hotel at Chelsea Village. I was taken to Harlington, which I was amazed at, because I didn't expect it to be the way it was. I spoke briefly with Jose Mourinho and various members of the staff.

Some of the players were away on international duty. I arrived, and then a few of the Portuguese boys like Paulo Ferreira arrived shortly after, there were also a lot of youth and reserve players around at the time.


My first day was down here at Cobham. My abiding memory was having to go through a tunnel of players as they kicked and punched me; I think they call it the tunnel of beats, that was the first day.

I remember going out to training and having a chat with all of the English boys who I knew before I joined. I thought it was just going to be a normal training session, and then they all told me I had to go through the tunnel, so that was a bit of a shock, but there wasn't much I could do about it.

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