Posted on: Mon 11 Jun 2012

Petr Cech has expressed his desire for Czech Republic to get back on track in Euro 2012 after their opening game defeat to Russia on Friday.

The Chelsea goalkeeper, a Champions League hero just a few weeks ago, was beaten four times by the Russians but hopes to put some points on the board on Tuesday against Greece.

'I think the anger has changed into determination. Determination to fix the bad start we had in the tournament," said Cech. 'We felt the disappointment immediately afterwards, for sure. We did not succeed in any way in that first match, but we know we have another 180 minutes to play to allow us to qualify for the quarter-finals. So we're determined to do just that.

'The only lessons we learned were not to make unnecessary mistakes and to play much more aggressively,' acknowledged the 30-year-old. 'They had a lot of space and they have some very good players, so they were able to use that. We attacked them too late in the game, and they had already created their chances and scored them. We do not want to repeat those same mistakes and we will, of course, play more solidly in defence.'

Having seen tomorrow's opposition draw with hosts Poland on the opening day, Cech expects a tough game from a well organised Greek side.

'I think Greece will play the same way they played in the first match - they will defend well and will wait for counter-attacks,' he said. 'The result of the first match means we have to go out and be attacking in our second game. But it will not be all-out attack as that would open us up at the back and would allow the Greeks to counter-attack.'

Cech also commented on the atmosphere in Wroclaw, where the Czech side is based for the competition.

'It's great for us to feel at home here in Wroclaw. The Polish people have practically welcomed us as if we were a local team,' he said. 'The people here have approached us with such warmth and it is heart-warming to have a stadium full of people just to watch us train. People applaud every goal and nice piece of play. This is how the European Championship should be.'

England's John Terry and Ashley Cole meet France's Florent Malouda in Group D this evening, and you will be able to read a report of the game here on chelseafc.com.