Posted on: Fri 06 Jul 2012

Professional footballers might well be the only people in England currently appreciating the dreadful midsummer weather.

The second day of pre-season training at Cobham took place once more in rain and unseasonal low temperatures. As on Thursday the players were outside on the pitch for a morning session followed by medical tests for those not fully assessed yesterday. These include heart monitoring.

Branislav Ivanovic, who trained for the first time today, is one of the more senior players back at the club and he confirmed he is not missing the sun.

'To be honest it is better for me at the start of the pre-season to have weather like this,' he tells the official Chelsea website. 'It helps you to work and be ready for when it is hot in America. It is great, we don't have anything against this weather.

'The training has been pretty normal, the first couple of sessions we start working hard. We started working with the ball and from Saturday we start properly with double sessions. This is just the beginning and it is still not the so high intensity - but it will be.

'It was a great break,' adds Ivanovic who was free from international commitments due to Serbia not qualifying for Euro 2012.

'I enjoyed it with friends and family and now we start to work again. I did follow the Euros but I was more thinking about the holiday.'

New signing Marko Marin has told Chelsea TV he was already friendly with Ivanovic prior to joining the Blues, a fact confirmed by the defender.

'I met him in the World Cup in 2010 when he played against us for Germany [Serbia won 1-0 with Marin coming on for the final 20 minutes].

'We met again when he signed for Chelsea, and we trained today for the first time together and I am very impressed and feel very positive about him. He feels confident and he feels ready and this is most important for now.

'It is great for me because I can speak the Serbian language with him and I will try to help him but he speaks English already.'