Posted on: Wed 11 Jul 2012

Unlike the other new signings at Chelsea, Kevin De Bruyne has not been sampling Cobham for the first time, having been at the training ground in February to complete his transfer from Genk.

Upon signing the deal, the Belgian international was immediately loaned back from where he came, helping his former club to a third-place finish in the Jupiler League.

Looking back on his one day at the training ground on the last day of January, a day on which the first team were away in action at Swansea, De Bruyne says it did not matter there were not so many people there to greet him.

'No, for me the most important thing was just the signing. I also had to leave quickly to get back to Belgium because I had games to be playing, and now I have met everyone it is good,' said the 21-year-old. 'Since I have been here for pre-season everything is fine, the club has taken very good care of me and has organised everything perfectly to make it easy.

'After I went back the club called me a couple of times. They changed the manager but I have spoken to people here and I know scouts have been watching in Belgium as well.'

His English mother means De Bruyne can speak fluently in the tongue of his new country, making it easier for him to settle, and he has already been helping Eden Hazard with the language. It also helps to have another familiar face already here, in the form of international team-mate Romelu Lukaku.

'I know a couple of people here already so it's quite good for integration, I don't see there being any problems.

'I know Eden very well, and for a long time. I played with him for the national team and we are the same age so we played together when we were 18, 19.

'Marko Marin is also here and we are all young, so it makes it easier to get to know each other. We also play the same style of football which is good for us, and we will find our way together.'

The next step in the pre-season process will be travelling to America. Although a new experience, the tour holds no fear for the relaxed De Bruyne.

'I have spoken to Roberto Di Matteo a couple of times and now we go to America on Saturday which is very exciting,' he said.

'I've been on tours but never anything so big to America, with Genk normally it was to Turkey or somewhere like that - you don't play in front of so many people - but it will be fine. I never played in front of 60,000 people yet but it doesn't worry me.'

Experience of America is also limited, but the winger has at least some experience of life stateside, and has taken plenty from his favourite TV show.

'I have only been to LA, and I liked it a lot,' he smiled. 'I am a fan of Entourage which is a very good show but now I am hoping to see some more of the American cities we are visiting. I like to travel a lot so I am looking forward to it.'

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