Posted on: Thu 12 Jul 2012

Gary Cahill's remarkable 2012 took another twist during the summer when an injury ruled our Champions League-winning central defender out of England's Euro 2012 campaign, but as he told Chelsea TV this week, he has now recovered and is not letting that disappointment sour the year.

The January signing missed the FA Cup Final too due to injury but received ample compensation when he was fit to play in Munich. He then looked set to partner John Terry for England out in Eastern Europe until a push by a Belgian opponent in a warm-up fixture forced a painful collision with Joe Hart and a fractured jaw.

'I would have been amazed if nothing had happened because when it occurred I felt the bottom jaw go out and come back in,' Cahill described to Chelsea TV.


'So when I went for the x-rays I thought if it doesn't show anything here it is a miracle, but unfortunately it did and it was shocking timing, in the last friendly game and probably 60 to70 minutes away from getting on the plane.

'It was a nightmare but we finished the season fantastically well with Chelsea so it is like a rollercoaster of ups and downs all the time - but the injury is behind me now and hopefully I can have a good year this year.'

Last week Cahill had removed some metal plates that had been put into his mouth, held in place by elastic bands.

'I was on a soft-food diet for two weeks which was a bit of a nightmare,' he said, 'but it is all finished now and I can move on. It is good to be back amongst the boys and getting down to some hard work.'

It may only be week one of training but the footballs have been involved from the first day in what has been the favoured method at Chelsea for the most of the last eight years. Cahill appreciates the benefits.

'It is what every player wants to do and you can get the fitness and the running through playing football anyway. In game situations and sharp sessions you probably get more out of it than just pure running.

'I am sure the lads are buzzing that Roberto Di Matteo has the manager's job,' he added. 'He got it on merit and I think everyone at the club is glad that has happened and we look forward to competing this year.'