Posted on: Tue 09 Oct 2012

Frank Sinclair, the homegrown defender who made 218 appearances for Chelsea between 1990 and 1998, was the latest to take part in a Twitter Q&A session with @chelseafc and during it he discussed best goals, own goals, early wage packets and how he thinks the current side will fare this season.

The 40-year-old, who still plays on a part-time basis, is now a regular on Chelsea TV's Friday Night Live, and it was prior to his latest appearance that he answered questions tweeted in by fans.

He began by considering his most cherished moment in a Chelsea shirt, a question from ‏@WeAreChelseaFC .

'That would be winning the FA Cup in 1997,' answered @frankmsinclair

'Obviously the club was a sleeping giant at the time but going in the direction we are in now and that game was very important. Robbie [Di Matteo] and Eddie [Newton] both scored and looking at them now in charge is quite incredible.'

While recalling his most memorable moments in Blue, Sinclair was also asked his best goal by ‏@Saamm which led to the tail of a unique celebration.

'It was against Coventry away in 1997, it was the first goal of the season and the one when my shorts went down after I scored.

'It was the same day my daughter was born so I wanted to make sure I got on the back pages of all the papers because I knew they would have her date of birth as well. For the goal I took on some players and buried it with my left foot.'


He revealed that of all the away grounds he played at in the 1990s, he didn't enjoy West Ham's Upton Park too much.

'They had that old famous chicken run down the side and me being a right-back, I received a fair amount of stick down that side. That was one game I didn't look forward to but we had good results there.'

Pre-match preparations at that time were: 'Chicken and beans to eat most of the time We didn't have much choice in food. I always put my right boot on before my left one and right shin pad on before the left - all through my career.'

And the idols for Lambeth-born Sinclair when he was growing up were: 'At Chelsea, the young players that had come through the ranks before me - the likes of Keith Dublin, Keith Jones, Paul Canoville and people like that.'

‏@stevemoss10 asked what his first professional wage packet was.

'Bobby Campbell was the manager and he forced me and Eddie Newton into signing five-year contracts, he still denies it to this day!' recalled Sinclair. 'It was £500 a week, rising every season by £50. And clauses that gave new contracts after a number of games.'

Asked by @chrseu9 whether Kerry Dixon was the best striker he played with, Sinclair answered in the negative.

'Kerry would argue with this and when I was young he was different class and a great striker - but I went on to play with Franco Zola and Mark Hughes and they were a little bit better.'

The subject of own-goals was raised, especially one scored to the benefit of Chelsea -a late winner at Filbert Street after Sinclair had moved to Leicester.

'I don't think many players have done this but I also scored an own-goal for Leicester when I was playing for Chelsea, and then the other way round,' he said.

'The one when I was playing for Chelsea was going in anyway past Dmitri Kharine and I was chasing back to the goal-line to try to keep it out. I tried to backheel it and it hit my standing foot and still went in. Glenn Hoddle was the manager at the time and we had words about it afterwards but these things happen if you are a defender trying to keep the ball out sometimes. You have to take it on the chin.

'The one when I was playing for Leicester, I thought I was being fouled by Wisey when I headed into my own net. It was disappointing but I never let things like that get me down.'

Moving forward in time, Sinclair was memorably filmed in the Chelsea TV's studio during the Champions League final, declaring he would run down Fulham Road naked should Didier Drogba net his penalty.

He was asked during the Twitter Q&A when he will be fulfilling his side of the bargain.

'It was said tongue in cheek a little bit,' he claimed. 'We had a good night and got a bit excited and it showed how much I wanted us to win but whether it will happen - watch this space! I have kids now and it wouldn't go down too well!'

Bringing matters even more up to date, @cfc_craig and ‏@TalkChelseaFC asked how he thinks the current team will do this season.

'We've had a great start but not been tested to the full. I think the Manchester clubs will be up there with Chelsea. It is important we retain the Champions League but the no. 1 for me is winning the Premier League, and the team looks like it is capable of going close.'

Friday Night Live is on Chelsea TV at 6.30pm, prior to our weekend games.