Posted on: Mon 29 Oct 2012

Throughout the season former player Clive Walker provides radio and TV commentary on Chelsea's games. Here he selects five aspects from a game that supplied plenty to talk about at the time, and a day later…

1. It was such a good game with lots of goals and lots of mistakes as well but unfortunately the judgment of the officials is in question. I said it at the time in my commentary and having seen it again on replays I remain convinced that Fernando Torres was fouled. I thought Jonny Evans made contact and even the intent in the way he made the tackle was enough to at least book him. The ref has to be 100 per cent certain to make a gaming-turning decision and from the position he was in I don't see how he could have been. With the decision of the linesman not to flag offside for Man United's third goal, sometimes you can understand when they are chasing play and not in line, but with this one he had time to be right up with play.

2. At the start Chelsea had plenty of possession but it wasn't crisp, sharp passing. Man United brought in Ashley Young so they had two wide players to try to push back our full-backs who were getting exposed.For the second goal Ashley Cole got caught in no man's land a little when his better option might have been to drop off to Antonio Valencia. I can understand the thinking in a player putting his arms behind his back when in the penalty area but David Luiz did it outside and then let the ball through his legs. There were several things questionable in that goal.

3. Maybe the occasion got to some of the players and it took a little while for our attacking three midfield players to become involved because Man United were playing so deep. We are used to having to break teams down at the Bridge and not allowing them to counter attack. We allowed Man United to do that but they are one of the best teams around at it.

4. Chelsea got back into the game primarily because we worked very hard. Oscar's work rate was terrific and Eden Hazard as well worked very hard. That gave Mata a bit of space and confidence and it was a fantastic free-kick. David De Gea had a suspect game but that would have beaten any keeper.

5. We got it back to 2-2 and everything was going in our favour, but unfortunately Branislav Ivanovic got the wrong side because he was a bit slow in reacting to Ashley Young's run. Whether there was a great deal of contact is again questionable but I don't think the referee had much choice with that one but to show a red card. It was a shame because we got ourselves back into the game, Man United weren't playing especially well, and their two central defenders were poor, and would have been tested as the game wore on.

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