Posted on: Sat 24 Nov 2012

Two training sessions into a new coaching regime and ahead of a game against the league champions and current leaders, Juan Mata gave a brief report to Chelsea TV on life under Spanish rule.

The midfielder had earlier in the week publicly thanked Roberto Di Matteo via Twitter for the time they spent working together at Chelsea and wished him good luck, adding: 'As a player he has been a legend for the Blues. With him as a manager we won our first Champions League. He will always be remembered.'

Now Mata is settling in to life under his compatriot Rafael Benitez.

'It was a strange week with the defeat against Juventus and with what happened to Robbie but now we have to carry on,' Mata told Chelsea TV.

'We have to keep training hard and look forward to the next game and to keep winning trophies, and I think this club deserves to win trophies and we are trying to do that.'

He spoke about the two days of work on the Cobham pitches.

'Not only Rafa but the people who came with him, all of them are high level and Rafa is a great manager. He had very good experiences at Valencia and Liverpool so I think we are trying to help him and he is trying to help us, so we are together and trying to win.

'We are training in a different way, we are training more on movement, tactically, and it could be better for us trying to press and trying to play as a good shape.'

There will video of Juan Mata looking ahead to the Man City game via the channel's online access on Sunday morning.