Posted on: Wed 12 Dec 2012

We are delighted to launch The 12th Man, our brand new social game for Chelsea fans, that rewards you for doing what you do best - supporting the Blues.

The 12th Man takes all the great content you already love from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, plus some exclusive extras, and puts it all on one website.

Simply connect via The 12th Man site and carry on engaging with this great Chelsea content; join conversations, enter competitions or just simply like and share.

Each time you do this you gain points, and you know what points mean? Prizes! The more you engage, the more your 12th Man score rises, giving you the chance to win exclusive downloads and real world prizes.

Compare your scores against your friends, see how you stack up against Chelsea supporters from across the globe and show the world what kind of fan you are.

So why not show your love for the European champions, click here and become Chelsea's 12th man!

The first person who achieves the Forever Blue (Gold) trophy will receive a signed David Luiz shirt, so get going now!