Posted on: Wed 23 Jan 2013

The Chelsea Foundation's newly created Sutton department hosted a Meal or No Meal assembly last week.

Stamford the Lion joined pupils at Westbourne Primary School in Sutton for the healthy eating class. Based around the television programme Deal Or No Deal, the initiative sees 10 pupils picked at random by the school to take part in a fun and interactive session.

At the school's assembly, closed boxes were placed on the stage and the pupils stood behind them. The contestants then selected boxes at random and as a box was opened it revealed either a healthy meal or an unhealthy meal. Eventually there was only one box left with the main contestant which contained either a healthy or unhealthy meal.

Unlike the television show, as each box was opened, the pupils were encouraged to discuss why each meal was healthy or not. This allowed pupils to learn what nutritional value meals have and what they should be eating.

The assembly was interactive for both all the school's pupils, whether they were taking part in the game or watching, and received positive feedback from both teachers and students alike.

'The Meal or No Meal game is a really good way of teaching children what's healthy and what's not,' said Sutton Community Development Officer Chris Woodward.

'Pupils really enjoy taking part in the game and there's always plenty of discussion about each meal which is revealed from the box. It's great to see the children get so involved because they're learning about the benefits of certain foods and also finding out why other foods are bad for them.'

The day also included multi-skill coaching sessions which took place in the morning and afternoon with different age groups from the school. Once the coaching was over, there was plenty of opportunity for children to pose for photographs alongside Stamford the Lion.