Posted on: Thu 21 Feb 2013

Over the past few months, supporters visiting Stamford Bridge on a matchday will probably, at one point or another, have enlisted the services of a group of people known as the Game Makers.

Prior to each home game, in the hours leading up to kick-off, the Game Makers, clad in black and green adidas tracksuits, can be found in and around the area of the stadium.

Their role, above all else, is to ensure supporters have a fantastic matchday experience, and their duties will typically involve helping with directions, taking photographs and simply having a chat to get a feel for how fans are feeling about the game.

James Xuxi, a 24-year-old student, was part of the first intake, and takes great pride in the role.

'I've been doing it since December and it's very enjoyable,' he tells the official Chelsea website.

'Since I started I've only missed one shift and that was because I was on holiday.

'Our role is to create a better experience for all of the supporters coming to the game. A lot of the fans coming to Stamford Bridge are from all over the world, so we are on hand to help them if they need any assistance or advice.

'I was a Games Maker at the Olympics, both in London and Beijing. I've been involved in plenty of sports events, so when the Olympics finished I was waiting for the next opportunity to come along. I saw this position advertised and that's how I came to be involved.'

Our Game Makers are friendly and approachable, and have undergone both customer service training and role-specific training in order to ensure they are fully equipped to meet supporters' needs.

A typical shift will begin when the first set of supporters begin to arrive, usually two or three hours before kick-off, and continue until 30 minutes into the game in order to ensure they are on hand to assist late arrivals.

The club endeavours to communicate with supporters as much as possible through the website, email and various forms of social media, but the presence of the Game Makers on a matchday ensures we are now able to do this on a more personal, informal level.

Thus far, the feedback from supporters has been fantastic, so if you need any help, advice, or just fancy a chat, seek out one of our Game Makers ahead of tonight's Europa League clash with Sparta Prague.