Posted on: Fri 05 Apr 2013

Zesh Rehman, the first South Asian to play at every level in professional football, has again added his support to Chelsea Football Club's Asian Star competition.

The Pakistani International welcomed the fifth year of the programme: 'Asian Star is an initiative I have supported for many years and I'm sure a few gems who have managed to secure contracts previously will make a breakthrough into the game.

'There is a growing love for the game within the new generation of Asians and for young children to be able to train at the complex of the European champions should be a motivation to get involved itself. Every young person who has an ambition to become a professional player should use this opportunity to showcase their talents and potentially secure a contract. It will no doubt be an enjoyable experience for all those who do get an opportunity to attend on the day.'

As a vocal campaigner to get players and coaches from Asian backgrounds involved in the game, Zesh has created his own Foundation to further this important cause. The charity has recently joined forces with the Chelsea Foundation to establish a coach education programme in South London with the aim of creating a new generation of qualified coaches from the Asian community.

Asian Star will take place at Chelsea's Cobham training ground on Bank Holiday Monday 6 May. To register please visit